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Group Connections


Where do you go to put in a group connection that a family attended?

First, you will need to enter the Group Connection on the Calendar. Click on the date of the group, and in the upper right hand corner, click "Add New". From here, select "Group Contact". Once the screen opens, fill in the information for the group and click "Create".

Once the Group has occurred, you can then go back and enter attendance for your group. To do that, click on the date of the Group. You should see the list of contacts for that date. Next to the group contact, you will see a link that says "Attendance". Simply check those that attended, and click save.

* Note, You must click at least one child per family. Clicking the child does not mean they attended, rather that the meeting covered topics age appropriate for that child and the group meeting should show up on that child's history.

Once the attendance is entered, you can click on the blue "Attendance List" link to show the Group Connections Plan.

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