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Counting Teen Group Connections - MO only


For your teen groups to count on your invoice report, you will need to be sure that on the demographics of the guardian, that they are marked as a "Teen Parent". Only those guardians that are marked as teens will the groups be counted.

When checking off attendance, be sure to also select a child, even if the child wasn't present. This just shows that information for that child was provided.

Groups the teen attended will count as a "private contact" for that teen.  Also, an actual home visits you do, will also count.

Once you have run the MO Invoice report, you can click the blue number to see who is being counted. The only place these teen groups are counted will be on the MO invoice report.  You will need to audit from the export or by clicking on the blue number.

If you have additional questions, please let us know!

Thank you

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