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Adding Staff Trainings / Professional Development / Supervision


You can record your staff professional development (this includes trainings, meetings, observations, files review and supervision) in Visit Tracker.  You can do this for individual staff, or group events.

To add your staff events, go to the Calendar tab, and click on the date of the event.  When you are on the date, click the "+" button in the upper right hand corner (to add a new contact), and select "Staff Event".  The staff event page will open.  Here, select if this is for an individual staff or group staff.  If you select Individual, you can then select the Home visitor.  This event will only show on Admin calendars, and that individual's calendar.  If you select the group, the event will show on all home visitor's and admin calendars. Continue to enter the details of the event; time, number of hours, the category and the title.  Then, click create.

You can run the "PE Train/Supervise" Report under the Report tab.  You can also see supervision events under the Home Visitor tab.  Pull up the home visitor and then click the PDC/Trainings link on the left.

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