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Demographics: High Needs


Please explain / define the demographic categories (High Needs)

The Visit Tracker Demographics screen has the items that make a family "high needs" according to National definitions at the top as well as other items your may want to track. BUT, a family must have at least TWO of the National demographics checked to have the family be called a "high needs" family for National reports (as of 2012).

The attached image will show that only one item in the National High Needs Characteristics list is checked and therefore the family is not indicated as HIgh Needs.

National Center for Parents As Teachers has definitions for each of the High Needs Demographics categories. Questions concerning definitions and who qualifies should be directed to National Center but we have created an attachment below that is a copy of the definitions from the latest APR report.

For existing data - since the categories "foster" and "court appointed guardian" have been combined, we combined your data and removed foster. Since "transient" and "homeless" have been combined, we combined your data and removed transient.

Missouri has their own individual set of characteristics that make a family "High Needs" for their reports. For Missouri programs, Visit Tracker will track if the family is High Needs for National and separately, if the family is High Needs for Missouri. Some National indicators will not make a family High Needs according to the Missouri definition. In Visit Tracker Web, Missouri programs will see High Needs : "1" or "2" or "3". The "1", "2", or "3", means that the family is considered High Needs according to Missouri AND that family will be counted as high needs on the Missouri invoice. (The 1, 2, or 3, is counting Missouri indicators but "3" means "3 or more")

We recommend updating each families high needs/demographics at the beginning of each new program year after any previous year's reports are completed. This is particularly important with regard to families’ high need characteristics because of the impact this has on the visit frequency calculation for the APR. The visit frequency calculation on the APR will use the number of visits delivered to the family during the year relative to the number of high needs the family has at the time of the report. If, for example, a family begins the program year with 1 need and then during the year this is changed in VT to 2 needs, the calculation for the visit frequency APR item assumes that this family required 2 visits per month for the entire year. This could negatively impact the number of families that received the required number of visits as reported on the APR.

Thanks for taking the time to explain.

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