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Tracking Status and Placing Participants "On Hold"


TUTORIAL - Status History Tracking and On Hold

History tracking has been added to guardian and child enrollment information.







A new “Enrollment Info” section now appears at the bottom of the guardian and child data pages where the current Status will be displayed.

At the bottom of the page will be the Status History table.

Click on “Update” next to “Enrollment Info” to edit or change the Status


When clicking update, a dialogue box will open up allowing you to select a new status.

In this example, we’ll make the guardian “Inactive / On Hold”.



After saving the new entry, the data page updates showing the current status in the Enrollment Info section.


In the History Table, the new entry is added.



When the family decides to return and participate:

  • Go to the Non-Actives list

  • Choose the Inactive / On Hold families

  • Click on Activate

  • Or if the family is not returning and needs to be exited, click on the name to go to the data page and update from there


TUTORIAL-Status-History-Tracking-and-On-Hold.pdf TUTORIAL-Status-History-Tracking-and-On-Hold.pdf

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