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File Uploads


TUTORIAL - FILE UPLOADS (link to download tutorial)

The File Upload feature in Visit Tracker uses Dropbox integration to allow all users in one program to upload files to a common Dropbox folder without all users having to open a DropBox account. Just 1 Dropbox account is needed.

  • NOTE: Read-only Admins do not have access to File Uploads



 First thing is for the Main Admin to setup the File Upload capability by doing 2 things:

  1. Inserting the Access Token code into the field provided
  2. Set “Enable File Upload” to “Yes”

If you don’t have a Dropbox account, a link is provided on this page where you can register.

To get the Access Token, scroll to the bottom of this tutorial to the Generate an access token for your own account






 All users will find the link to the File Upload section in 2 areas:






The Main Admin will be the only user that can view all files that have been uploaded.

When a file is uploaded, the file naming structure is as follows:

  • Timestamp + username + file name + file extension

Main Admin view

 Home Visitor and Helper Admin view


Generate an access token for your own account

Step 1. First of all, access your account, specifically in the reserved area where you can configure an App, from this address:


Step 2. Create a new App



Click on “My apps” in the left menu and then click on “Create app” button.


Set the various options like shown in the image, give a name to the App and click on “Create app” button.

Once you completed this operation, the page will show some information about the just created App.


Step 3. Generate Access Token.

Now you must click the button “Generate” just below the text “Generate access token”. This will generate a long authentication code.


That must be copied and pasted into Access token field in File Upload Credentials (this code is no longer visible when you come back again in this page, so you have to generate it everytime you need a new one).


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