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TUTORIAL - Reminders

Admins and Home Visitors can set reminders in Visit Tracker specific to guardians, children or just general reminders.

General rules

  • Each reminder must be assigned to a home visitor
  • Only 1 home visitor can be selected for each reminder


 Reminders can be created from 4 areas:

  • Each guardian’s data page
  • Each child’s data page
  • Reminders section located in the Calendar
  • Clicking on the Calendar date









3 Types of Reminders can be scheduled

  • General - can be anything you want to be reminded about and when you want to be reminded. NOTE: Can only be created from Calendar section - Reminders page or Calendar date.
  • Guardian - select a guardian and have the ability to schedule the Reminder based on Enroll Date of the guardian
  • Child - select a child and have the ability to schedule the Reminder based on Enroll Date of the guardian

General Reminder


Child Reminder

  • In this screenshot, the Reminder is being created from the child’s data page


Guardian Reminder

  • In this screenshot, the Reminder is being set from the guardian’s data page





From the home page, Reminders will appear based on the Preferences set in the Setup section (Main Admin access).

  • Example, Reminders will start showing on the home page beginning 4 weeks prior to the Reminder Date and continue to show up to 1 week past the Reminder Date
  • Check a Reminder that has been completed. Refreshing the page will then clear those from the home page. NOTE: The Reminder will still appear in the Reminders section and show as checked.
  • Reminders that are within 3 days of Reminder Date or past the Reminder Date will appear in red



The Reminders section in Calendar allows you to manage your complete list of Reminders. Here you can delete completed Reminders from your list overall.






All Upcoming Events can be managed from the Setup section for Main Admin users.

 Go to Setup > Preferences > Home Page

  • Choose which events to show or not show
  • Choose length of time for the events to show
  • NOTE for HIPPY Programs: You can choose to show any of the events as well as the HIPPY Dashboard.


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