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Enrollment Info





 When entering a new family, you’ll assign the primary guardian a Current Status.

  • Status options show here. (See Status Relationships at the end for further details)


Depending on the Status chosen, you’ll be given the choice of an Enroll Date (Active status) or Start Date (all other statuses)




 When entering a new child, the child will be assigned the same status as the guardian.

  • In this example, the guardian’s current status is Active. Therefore the child is assigned an Active status.


  • In this example, the guardian’s current status is Recruit. Therefore the child is assigned Recruit status.



 From the “Enrollment Info” section, there are 2 options “Edit Current Status” or “Create New Status

 Create New Status

Edit Current Status



 Any time you are editing and deleting resulting in an Exited status with an Exit Date that is before a private contact, this warning will appear.

 This warning message explains what will happen and what options you have. If in doubt, choose ‘Submit a Help ticket for additional support’.



When editing an entry, the Start Date will be limited by the Start Date of the status prior to it.

 In this example, there is another status that starts on April 13, 2018.




 Here are a few things that limit which statuses can be selected

  • Status to status relationship
  • Guardian and child statuses - Child statuses limited by the guardian statuses
  • New guardian / new child

 Status - these rules apply to the current status and when editing a status in the history table

  • Active - only Inactive / On Hold or Exited can be selected
  • Inactive / On Hold - only Active or Exited can be selected
  • Exited can only be selected if current status is Active or Inactive / On Hold

 Guardian and child statuses

  • Guardian current status is Exited - all children must also be Exited
  • Guardian current status is Recruit, Wait list or Mailing Only - all children not already Exited must also be Recruit, Wait list or Mailing Only
  • Guardian current status is Active - child can be Active or Waiting List

 New guardian

  • Status selections are Active, Recruit, Mailing only, and Wait list

 New children

  • Current status of the guardian is automatically assigned to the child


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