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How do I add a Screening?


To record a screening, the guardian and child must first be enrolled.  Once they are enrolled, you look up the child you screened and enter their screening data.

First, go to the Children tab and select the child from the drop down menu.  Next, click on "Screening" on the left hand side.  This will bring up the screening data entry page.  If you conducting the screening as part of a personal visit and are in a PVR, you can also enter the screening data from here.  When you come to the child section of the PVR, you will see a question "Was a screening conducted on this visit?".  Click on the icon that looks like two people and you will be taken to the screening page.   Once on the screening page, you will see a button to click on for "New Screening" (at the bottom of the page, you will see the Screening History for the child).

Select the date of the screening.  This will auto-populate the actual age of the child at the time of screening (if you are adjusting age for prematurity, that's ok. You can document in the notes that you adjusted the screening tool to match adjusted age. When running reports, it is the actual age of the child that is recorded).  Select the screener from the drop down menu.  There is next a question of "Does this complete child's basic screening requirement for this year? (They have now had at least one Vision, Hearing, Health & Dev screening this program year)".  If all components of the screening are complete, check 'Yes'.  If you are only doing one or two sections of the screening (for example, maybe you are just doing the ASQ-3 and the Heath Screening and going back on another day for Vision and Hearing), you would check 'No'.  The day you complete the screening, you then enter the new screening data and select 'Yes' for the completed screen. This is a very important section to be sure you are filling out. A child will not show as completed unless you have check the box yes.

You can then fill out whatever section of the screening you completed.  As you scroll down, you will see Development, Health, Hearing and Vision. You will notice as you select the Instrument Type under Development and Hearing, there are options that say ASQ-3 (National) or OAE (National).  These are recommended screening type from the National PAT Center.  If you are using a different instrument and not seeing it listed, you will need to talk to your administrator.

 At the bottom of the page, you will also see Referral.  This is for any referrals that were made due to the results/concerns of the screening.


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