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Rescheduling a visit due to No Show or Cancelation


In contact history to access planning guides, if a parent no-shows/cancels how do we transfer that planning guide to the new scheduled date?


When a parent No Shows or Cancels, the home visitor will need to go to the Contact History, and for that visit, click on the "Edit" icon on the right (the pencil).  When the Edit screen comes up, change the visit type from Private to No Show (or Canceled).  Click Save at the bottom.  If there is a PVR or Planning Guide, it will ask you "You have a PVR created for this contact. Do you want to save the PVR data by rescheduling a private contact?"  Click "OK" (if you click Cancel, the PVR/PG will be deleted!!!).  From here, it will direct you to put in the new visit date.  The PVR/PG will be transferred.

If you haven't rescheduled the visit yet, wait to change the status of the visit until you have rescheduled.  This will help to not delete any visits records.
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