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Reminder Rules


TUTORIAL - Reminder Rules

 Setting Reminder Rules

 NOTE: The ability to set Reminder Rules is limited to Main Admins and State Account holders.

 To get started, go to Setup >  Reminders

 Click on “+Add new Reminder Category

 A Reminder Category will allow you to group Reminders according to a common theme like “Model Compliance”, “MIECHV Data Collection”, etc. In this example, we’ll simply title it “Tutorial”.



Once you create the Reminder Category, it’ll display on the page and you can begin creating Reminders. Click on Add Reminder.




 3 types of Reminder Rules can be set - General, Guardian and Child. You’ll make this choice in the “Set For:” selection list. Each is shown below

General Reminder Rules can be set for a specific date or monthly. Only monthly rules can repeat. NOTE, all Reminders will get created immediately. So in this case, every home visitor and helper admin will get 4 General Tutorials reminders created. They will be able to see these in their Reminders section under the Calendar tab.



Guardian Reminder Rules can be set for a specific date, days from the enroll date or months from the enroll date. When a new guardian is entered into Visit Tracker, a reminder will be created for that guardian and assigned to the home visitor that is assigned to the child of that guardian.


In this example, a reminder will be created for all new guardians entered for this program. Also for any existing guardians created before the release of this feature, a reminder will be created if they have not passed 90 days from their enroll date.



Child Reminder Rules will behave just the same that Guardian Reminder Rules do. The main difference for child reminders is that there are more options for setting when the reminder will occur. In this example, the reminder is based on the child’s age.




 As each Reminder Rule is created, it’s added to the Reminder Category it’s being created for. Notice in the screenshot that the pencil and some trash cans are black. Any time a rule is being processed both the rule and the category cannot be edited or deleted.

NOTE: Size of the program and rules set from a state account could take some time to process due to the amount of reminders generated for that rule.


 When home visitors log in, they will see any Reminders that are due within the timeframe set in Setup > Preferences. To see all reminders, go to Calendar > Reminders. The Reminders highlighted for this home visitor are the ones generated due to the rules set by the Main Admin. We’ve added some display options on this page and the ability to print the reminders displayed.




All State Account holders have Reminders added to their Setup section as well. Setting Reminder Rules is identical to what is shown here in this tutorial.

The only difference is that when creating a Reminder Category, you will also choose which programs you want to assign that set of rules to. Your selection list of programs are all those in which you have a Data Sharing Agreement in place.

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