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Planning Guide and PVR - Templates and Customization


TUTORIAL - Planning Guide and PVR Customization

 Creating a custom template for Planning Guides and Personal Visit Records is a feature available in the Main Admin’s Setup section

 Go to Setup > PG/PVR Templates to view the list of templates created, add a new template and/or edit an existing template

 Add Template

  • When clicking “+ Add Template”, a pop-up window will open
  • Complete the fields and “Create
  • The information entered will be available for selection when home visitors and admins are creating new Planning Guides and PVRs (more of that below)

 A note about BTL records

  • The update to templates now only applies to Foundational and Foundational 2 curricula.

 Here’s a view of what selections are available in the Curriculum list.


At this point, a template has been created that will allow users to select a custom Personal Visit Plan based on the Curriculum selected. When the plan is selected on the Planning Guide and/or PVR, the handouts entered will be added to the record.

Now let’s take a look at further customizing the Planning Guide.



The “Customize Planning Guide” field defaults to “No” when creating a new template. Select “Yes” to open up the Planning Guide fields.

  • All fields on the Planning Guide that can be customized will open up.
  • Enter text and check the boxes you want to be automatically added to the Planning Guide any time the custom plan in selected.



Once the template is created, be sure to click on the “Show?” checkbox



When a new Planning Guide is created, select the Curriculum planned for the visit. In the Personal Visit Plan field, the custom templates created for that curriculum.

  • The handouts entered for the Tutorial 999 plan show in the handouts text box for “Curriculum”
  • Also notice the highlighted text. “999 opening notes” was text added to the Tutorial 999 template.

 NOTE: The Planning Guide > Curriculum fields have been updated

  • Curriculum, Secondary Curriculum and Other Plan have been separated so that they will no longer override each other



Here’s a look at the Curriculum section on the PVR

  • The curriculum and plan specified on the Planning Guide will show on the PVR as well.
  • As noted above, the same updates to Curriculum, Secondary Curriculum and Other Plan have been applied to the PVR as well



A final note about Planning Guide fields that sync to the PVR

The text added to the Planning Guide by a template for a synced field will also be added to the PVR if the Planning Guide is saved with that text.

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