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Tutorial 04 - Demographics and Health Info


In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at the Demographics and Health Info sections



This section contains both family and guardian information. All the information that was contained in the Demographics page is still there. Only 1 addition has been added and 1 adjustment.

FAMILY DATA (screenshot below)

  • Languages spoken in the home - This is the new section. Can be set to show or hide by Main Admin
  • Family Experiences
  • Other Family Characteristics
  • MIECHV Priority Population Characteristics - Can be set to show or hide by Main Admin
  • Family Income - This section moved up from the bottom of the page

Each of these sections is expandable/collapsable. Click on the arrow to open each.


The bottom half of the Demographics page contains Guardian data. For each of these sections, you’ll be able to designate which guardian the entry applies to if there is more than 1 guardian in the family.


GUARDIAN DATA (screenshot below)

  • Parent Employment History
  • Parent Education History
  • Parent Housing Status

New field “Guardian” added to each section.



No new sections have been added to the Health Info section.


  • Each section has a new field “Guardian” in order to select which guardian the entry applies to
  • Medicaid # - This can now be managed in each guardian’s data page. Click on the guardian’s name to link directly to their data page
  • This page has sections that can be set to show or not show in the Preferences section


As mentioned above, there are fields/sections that can set to show or not show. The Main Admin can manage these from the Preferences section under Setup.  Here are the screenshots


Family Demographic Fields

  • click on the arrow to expand the section
  • Both individual fields and entire sections can be set to show or not show

Family Health Info Fields

TUTORIAL-04-Guardian-Demographics-and-Health-Info.pdf TUTORIAL-04-Guardian-Demographics-and-Health-Info.pdf

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