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Milestones question on PMR/APR


Milestones: Did ALL (100%) parent educators review and document updates to the PAT Milestones Record for each enrolled child after visits?* (Yes/No)

How Visit Tracker is defining "Yes" and "No".

  • "Yes" if ALL PVR's in the date range are marked "Yes" for "Milestones Reviewed" for each child on the PVR.
  • "No" if any PVR in the date range is marked "No" for "Milestones Reviewed" for any child on the PVR.
* prenatal children are excluded

To find PVRs where the milestones were not reviewed or updated, you can run your PVR Report. Look for the visits that do not have a "Y" in either of the milestones columns. These PVRs will be the ones that will need to be updated to show that the milestones were reviewed or updated.

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