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Can I export data?


You can export your raw data and create a report inside Microsoft Excel or any other program that can open a text file.  It's quick, give it a try!

1.  (Admin only) Click on your name in the lower right of the screen. This will take you to the main "Welcome" screen you see when you first log in. 

2. Click on "Export Data" on the left. Here, you can choose the type of data you would like to export. Once you have selected the export type, click Export Data. Give it a few seconds, and then click the "refresh" button. 

3. After you have refreshed, you will see the export file at the top of the screen (with today's date and time of export). Click the link and the file will download. Choose "open" on the box that pops up and Excel should open with your data. From here, you can filter and sort as needed to get the data you are wanting.

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